Narc Kenya Perspectives

Historical Perspective

The Party (Narc Kenya) has been in existence since 3rd June, 2006.  This Party was formed by Eight (8) members of the Nineth (9th) Parliament, one from each Province who never wanted to lose the Reform Agenda of the original NARC that swept KANU out of power during the 2002 General Elections.  The 8 parliamentarians resisted the idea of playing Tribal/Regional politics that had led to the polarization of the 2005 referendum Vote on the proposed new Constitution for the country.

Philosophical Perspective

The birth of Narc Kenya was to herald the birth of One Nation with many colours.  The team of 8 decided to retain Narc as a reminder of the period in history where Kenyans were united to defeat the powers of a despotic regime.  The addition of Kenya to form Narc Kenya was to signify the need for all citizens to embrace a Party that is National and keen to revolutionize the brand of politics in the country by moving from personality based to issue based politics.  This thinking led to the Vision of One Nation, One Country, One People that has been modified to the current One Kenya, One Nation, One People.

Economic Perspective

The philosophy of One Kenya, One Nation, One People can not be achieved when few Kenyans are too rich whereas the majority of Kenyans are sleeping hungry.  It does not augur well for some Kenyans to have too much to eat for themselves and their pets when others have nothing to put on a plate.  This thinking is an extension of the thoughts of the late Hon. J.M. Kariuki who stated that it is wrong to have a country of 10 millionaires and 100 million beggars.

The focus for Narc Kenya is to sustain a continued fight for Equity but not equality.  Equality borders more on communism but equity is fairness.  Equity allows for fair competition by according all and sundry an enabling environment to pursue their goals by presenting opportunities for each to excel.  Citizens who dream of monopoly in the field of trade have no place in Narc Kenya.  The country has a lot of wealth that is concentrated in the hands of the “10 millionaires” hence the focus of the Party to institute policies that will bar any one person or group of companies to produce, transport, store, whole sale, distribute and retail.  The Party envisions a Kenyan state where the flow of money is at all levels and to all people but not a select few.

Narc Kenya fully supports the devolution of funds/resources for the benefit of Kenyans.  We have come out strongly in support of CDF, LATF, LASDAP because they have afforded Kenyans a chance to create wealth.  Wealth creation for all Kenyans must be stimulated so that as many Kenyans as possible participate in the development of our beloved Nation.

Narc Kenya wishes to assure all Kenyans that when we take over Government in 2012 or earlier, we shall prioritize rural industrialization so that we decongest factories/industries in major towns.  The guiding principle towards this end is to ensure that every Kenyan keen to participate in Nation building is granted the opportunity to do so.

We shall support every investor to attain his/her objective subject to the respect of the rule of law and other guiding principles.

Social Perspective

Narc Kenya believes in a Kenyan state where every Kenyan feels like a Kenyan.  Our Vision is One Kenya, One Nation, One People which in itself underscores our quest for a just, free and democratic society devoid of tribalism.  Narc Kenya Party must reflect the face of Kenya in word and deed.

At the inception of the Party, the Chairmanship was rotational just to allow for different leaders representing different communities to demonstrate leadership.  The interim National Executive Committee formed after the 2007 Party grass root elections had eight (8) National vice Chairpersons just to ensure that all regions are represented at the apex of the Party in terms of decision making.  We had designated positions for our women and youth in the National Leadership way before the Political Parties Act came into being.