The Service Charter

Narc Kenya fully subscribes to the need to reform Kenya.  The leadership of the Party has advanced and will sustain the fight for reforms in all sectors of society (Judiciary, Police, Presidency, Civil Service, Cabinet etc) so that service delivery to Kenyans is attained.  Kenya required a good and functioning judicial system where disputes are heard and determined fairly and expeditiously.  We need to restore investor’s confidence by taking the shortest time possible to resolve court matters so that those who secured loans to invest are not overburdened by having to pay dearly because of accrued interest.

Narc Kenya highly embraces true policy of zero tolerance to corruption.  The Party will go to every length to ensure that corrupt deals do not deny Kenyans their right to be served.  We believe that all the Government through the taxes it receives should offer better services which is greatly hampered by the luck of political good will to address the monster (corruption) at all levels of governance.

The state being the biggest consumer of services should put in place mechanisms that will open space for all to trade.  The tendering system should be as open and as transparent as possible so that competitive bidding is encouraged and only the best emerging from a fair process get awarded.  The culture of “do you somebody” must  come to an end so that merit becomes our brand name.

Reforming leadership is Narc Kenya’s pet subject.  The Party encourages competition both from within and without.  We shall collectively defend the right of the citizens to compete for all leadership positions regardless of their background so that talent is brought on board and only the best get the opportunity to offer quality service for the sake of our Nation.  We shall at all times and all costs resist calls to bequeath leadership because inheriting negates the principle of competition that is a core component of democracy.  The time is now and the Party is Narc Kenya where you must learn and practice to WALK the TALK.  The war against corruption can not be fought by those who are beneficiaries because it is impossible to expose the vice when you are on the gravy train.  It therefore beholves one to be selfless and sacrifice for the worthy cause.  We are prepared to offer servant leadership for the sake of posterity.

Narc Kenya Party is owned by its members but not individuals.  This is seen in the manner the Party takes collective responsibility with regard to decision making where all the stakeholders are consulted and most popular view adopted.  The grass root leadership is always involved in any decision taken because the service charter demands that their views be respected since they are the pillars on which the Party is built.

The women and youth constituencies form the critical mass of the Party.  This in itself does not reduce the menfock to the periphery.  The three (3) finger salute of the Party reinforces this idea since the fingers represent the young, for their energy, the middle age for their innovation and the senior citizens for their experience.  The fingers too represent the men, women and children hence each constituency being of value to the Party.

Narc Kenya has played and will continue to play its role as a watch dog for the citizens of Kenya.  It should not be lost from the public domain that when funds for free education were delayed and the accounting officers in the Ministry of Education declared that the Government was broke which was refuted by his counterpart at Treasury hence throwing confusion in our institutions of learning.  Narc Kenya challenged the Government to clear the confusion by asking the question “where is the money?”  This prompted the Government to move with  speed to release the money to schools.  The Party is on record for speaking strongly on matters of security/insecurity and extra judicial killings.  We maintain a clear stand that we shall NEVER condone any criminals nor criminal activities but insist that even criminals have a right to fair judgment/trial because it is common knowledge unless proved guilty, you should not be condemned/one is always innocent until proved guilty.

The service charter for our Party demands that we serve the citizens of this country without fear or favour.  This has been and will continue to be our driving force hence the resolve to raise matters of National importance that will keep people on their toes no matter who is involved or the risk associated with such matters.

The legislative agenda of our Party is on course.  We propose to present bills to the house that will empower our youths and women.  We have decided to be a Party that is action oriented but not one built around hype and sloganeering.

Narc Kenya Party assures all Kenyans that it shall form a Government that every Kenyan will identify with and work so hard to build a Nation that embraces ALL.  We wish to extend our invitation to the citizens of this country who want to be part of true change and social Re-engineering of our country to come on board and join hands with us in Narc Kenya so that Together we Make a Difference.