Karua: Trans-Nzoia Visit

27 Jan 2011

Narc kenya chairperson Martha Karua took her presidential campaigns to Trans-Nzoia County and urged for the rejection of leaders promoting tribalism.
The Gichugu MP accused the proponents of the KKK outfit as misplaced people who lack the vision of the country.

Karua cautioned that those promoting tribal alliances fear competitive politics and asked Kenyans to reject such leaders.

“As a person I don’t support the so call KKK alliance and my party would never back such tribal alliances. We need peace in the country and competitive health politics,” she urged.

Karua faulted the coalition government of ignoring the plight of Internally Displaced Persons IDPs who have been at the camps for more than 3 years.
Karua at the same time said impunity would be tackled in the country if those implicated in corruption were prosecuted for their crime.

She faulted those calling for the resignation of Kenya from the Rome statute and said post-election suspects should be tried at The Hague.

Karua claimed that some suspected accused of bearing the greatest responsibility are trying to frustrate the ICC work by scheming to have Kenya walk out of the Rome Statute.

She finally urged supporters to stand by her as she prepares to take over the high office come 2012.

Karua was addressing Party supporters and officials at Kitale Museum in Trans- Nzoia County where she later opened the Party County Office.

She is on a two day tour in the County where she will tour several places in Trans- Nzoia County.