06 Jun 2011

Narc Kenya Leader Hon. Martha Karua has called on the government to ensure that the Appointment of the Inspector General of police to be done in public just has they did for the Judiciary.

Karua said that time has come when any appointments in the public office must be vetted and appoved by members of the public for purpose of accountability by the appointed officers in their positions.

The Party leader called for screening of the electoral officials in the electoral body to ensure they are free and fair during the election process.

During her meet the people tour in parts of upper Eastern and the official opening of the Party County Office in Samburu and Isiolo counties during the weekend, Karua critisized the government of the poor infrastucture of the roads to Samburu and other parts of the country. She cautioned the  government where it has been for the last 48 years by not constructing roads for easy access  to such areas where it can be well developed. she believes that with the new constitution that calls for equalization of funds for development  such areas will be given first priority.

She called on the people of upper Eastern to be careful when choosing leaders during the upcoming General election and challenged them to elect a leader who is honest and takes care of the their development and monies.

Karua promised the people there, that she is preparing the party to be a Party which is at the forefront in fighting corruption, spearheading  reforms, truth and care for equality of every Kenyan, a Party that doesnt know tribalism.

She was speaking during the celebration of the 5th Anniversary of the Party at the Samburu Stadium during the weekend.