10 Jun 2011

Hon. Martha Karua today received students from the North Eastern University in Boston who have been in the county for the last four weeks with their main purpose of the visit being on a study tour of Kenya.
The students are  of Health, politics, Culture and development, their meeting with Hon. Karua was to understand the political aspects, History of the Party, Hon. Karua's Political Stature and also issues pertaining to the implementation of the new constitution and its challenges,  and what it means to the country. The students also raised issues dealing with the forthcoming Elections and wanted to know what challenges the Party and Karua  is facing as a Presidential Candidate,

they were also seeking to know how she receives  media coverage, if she is getting a challenge because of her gender,

however  they needed to know what mechanisms shall be put in place to ensure that the 2012 elections shall be Free and Fair. How all those challenges raised will be addressed.
The meeting was held at the Party HQs