National Governing Council (NGC)

15 Dec 2011

Narc Kenya held its annual National Governing Council on 13th December at its Party HQ's.

The meeting was represented by all the Branch chairmen from all over the country, with other Aspiring members who want to vie on the Party ticket come the general election next year.

The Party as so far began preparation for next year's General Election as  the Party vows to form the next government.

 During the meeting the members agreed on the amendments made to the Party's Constitution and agreed on the nomination rules  for the Party Candidates  so that the Party can comply to the Political Parties Act, 2011 and the Elections Act. with this the Party has to register afresh as its required by the Political Parties Act, 2011.

the Act also requires  the Parties to register atleast 1000 members from atleast 25 counties across the country and the same will be forwarded to the Registrar of Political Parties.

Narc Kenya is committed to adhering to the Acts and its very ready to send the papers to the Registrar of Political Parties