11 May 2012


8TH MAY, 2012

The NHIF scam coming soon after the NSSF scam is confirmation that there is a rush by elements within the coalition government to siphon public funds for private gain. Many of the past major scams have come about in the election year and are designed to fund elections. We may be forgiven for concluding that these two scams are designed to fund the forthcoming general election.

The fact that favoured entities were allocated the bulk of the money leaving the workers without much choice of where to seek services from is a demonstration that the program was not meant to benefit Kenyans. An honest scheme should list the approved institutions and let beneficiaries choose where to seek services from even if ceilings of the amount payable and the extent of cover per individual is set.

There has been doubts and controversy from the very inception of the program regarding it's viability and capacity of NHIF to administer such a program. Now that we know for sure something is terribly wrong and for purposes appears fraudulent, the following must be done as the barest minimum:-
1. a. the entire program should be suspended forthwith including the enhanced contributions.
b. investigations must be swiftly carried out to determine if there was fraud and if so, who are the perpetrators who must face prosecution . The faces behind the favoured entities must be unmasked including the offshore directors.
c. the minister for medical services having shown inclination to protect and or cover up those at the helm of this scam must be suspended forthwith to pave way for investigations including his role in the matter.
d. a forensic audit by the office of Auditor General being the constitutionally mandated body must start and its findings tabled before Parliament without further delay.
2. all new projects/programs be thoroughly scrutinized before implementation especially during this electioneering period to avoid loss of public funds through deliberate fraudulent deals.
3. the NSSF scam be similarly investigated and the board be suspended pending investigations. The court cases, upon which the basis for payments were made, be referred to the supreme court for review as by law provided.

Hon. Martha Karua; MP
National chairperson

One Kenya One Nation One People