03 Jul 2012

Presidential aspirant and Narc Kenya Party Leader Hon. Martha Karua on Tuesday launched her campaign Secretariat ahead of the general election.

The Secretariat will be run mainly by volunteers drawn from different professions across the country and will work closely with the Party before the official nomination process begins.

Karua said that she is confident of a presidential win since she is running for presidency in order to protect the constitution adding that she will never be party to any ethnic alliances or Parties.

Karua added that her Presidency is purely based on giving Kenyans the country they want, to build the country they desire and to choose leadership they need.  Karua’s Campaign secretariat will be based in Nairobi Kilimani area will be led by Hussein Mohammed of extreme sports.

On the same matters the Party Secretary General said that Narc Kenya is a Party of Democracy and that all elections nominations of all candifdates will be free and fair including that of the President. He further called on the two Principals and the government to ensure that there is full security and protection to all Kenyans.

Mungatana added that it was not enough for the Prime Minister Raila Odinga and Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka to Visit Garissa Blast site but called for an immediate appointment of the Security Minister.