Karua's Congratulates President Elect Uhuru Kenyatta

09 Mar 2013

PRESS RELEASE Office of Hon. Martha Karua
March 9, 2013

I and my Running mate Hon. Lotodo, wish to formally congratulate Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta, the President Elect of the Republic of Kenya together with his running mate Hon William Ruto. Kenyans have spoken and we respect their decision. We had pledged to abide by the results of the electoral process and hereby keep that promise to Kenyans. We wish the incoming government well and urge them to uphold the Constitution .We are embarking on a great moment in history and we have been honored to be a part of this historic election and the transition into the new dispensation.

To my family, my mother and my father my supportive siblings and my extended family- thank you for your support not just in my unsuccessful quest for the presidency but also throughout my political career. I treasure your loyalty and faith in me! It has not been easy especially for those of you who shun media and publicity but without your love and support I could never have come this far. To my son and daughter, thank you for inspiring me and being daily reminders of the better Kenya I want for you and for my granddaughter.

To our campaign secretariat and our party NARC Kenya, without you, none of this would have been possible. You have been a small committed and indefatigable team. Full of energy, ideas and idealism and while I regret we did not win, I do not regret that we tried. Our labour was not in vain, we have sown the seed for issue based politics devoid of voter bribery and by so doing, laid the ground for a more informed electorate and for issue based leadership.
To all my supporters and volunteers a big thank you! You stood with us against all odds and gave us the encouragement and challenge to continue and finish this race. You are an exceptional group of people and we salute you! The ideals and conviction that led you to stand with us must not relent, let us all continue playing our part in building our great country.

I am so proud of Kenya! This was a difficult election and yet we have overwhelmingly chosen the path of peace. I urge us all to keep this unity of purpose as we move forward. To all Presidential candidates, this is the time when we must do that which is required of leaders, concede defeat or seek legal redress should one have a grievance. We should take responsibility for our party and supporters statements, and actions, and to communicate to all that violence is not an option. Kenyans have demonstrated that they want a peaceful transition and we must honor this. Loss in elections is not permanent, but consequences of violence are! Let us embrace winning and losing as expected outcomes of a democratic contest.

Last but not least congratulations to all the successful candidates, we wish you well as you steer Kenya, to all those who contested and failed congratulations for enhancing democracy.
Thank you all and God bless and keep you and our beautiful country Kenya!

Hon. Martha Karua