Member Rights

All members have the right to:

  • Generate debates on issues that affect the citizenry.
  • Participate in the Narc-Kenya Polling Center Convention.
  • Question/challenge decisions that threaten existence of the Party.
  • Participate in the election of the Polling Center Executive Committee.
  • Know how resources are spent.
  • Participate in all members meetings at the Polling Center level or any other level open for party members.
  • Access information from the local unit of the party
  • Access all party documents and buy copies of the same
  • Participate in the party nomination process for identification of party candidates for local, Parliamentary and presidential elections according to the Narc-Kenya Nomination Rules and Procedures
  • Contribute to the policy making in the party
  • Participate in the party outreach activities.
  • Receive feedback within 7 days/ 14 days on issues raised with the branch and National Secretariat respectively.