Member Responsibilities

All the party members have the responsibility to:

  • Follow the constitution of the party and any other laws and rules laid down by the party organs
  • Subscribe to Narc-Kenya vision, aims and objectives
  • Participate in the election of party officials according to Narc-Kenya Party Election Rules and Procedures
  • Participate in the nomination of party candidates for local, parliamentary and presidential elections according to Narc-Kenya Nomination Rules and Procedures
  • Participate in party members meetings
  • Participate in party activities (Rallies, roadshows e.t.c)
  • Participate in party outreach and membership recruitment drives.
  • Contribute to the party both time and resources
  • Perform commitment and loyalty to the party.
  • Pay membership fee.
  • Market the Party.
  • Implement resolutions made.
  • Conduct yourself and Party matters with decorum.
  • Recruit supporters and voters.
  • Vote for the Party’s candidates at the General elections or by-elections.
  • Be a responsible member of the Party and the Nation.
  • Defend the policies and leadership of the Party.