1/3 Rule Rejection in Parliament

1/3 Rule Rejection in Parliament

The rejection of the 1/3 rule for elective posts sparked debate in Parliament today with those opposing its inclusion terming it populist even as those in support argued it would provide the forum for promotion of affirmative action in political parties nominations.

The Narc Kenya Party Leader Martha Karua was among those who argued that the move was crucial to cure short changing of women by political parties during nominations.

where does this put kenyans if Parliament decides to throw out the amendment against the wishes of Kenyans who came out to support the constitutional provision which bars more than two thirds of the members of elective public bodies being from the same gender.

Even after an opinion poll released today Friday by Infotrak, showing that 75% of Kenyans say they would vote for a woman in elective positions come 2012, while 63% saying they would pick a woman president . this alione shows us how women are still gaining popularity despite others wanting women to continue being disadvantaged particularly in politics due to the patriarchal system.

Lets us do something about this issue.