History of Narc Kenya

Narc Kenya was the birth child of acrimony, political disagreement and disillusion resultant from a historic constitutional referendum held in year 2005. The draft Constitution, drawn up with government support openly became the bone of contention among members of the then ruling Party, NARC.

NARC was a coalition of various political Parties with the aim of winning the elections held in year 2002 and forming government.

The NARC Party rode into power on a high horse of expectations and a lot of good will from across section of Kenyans. Never the less, this tie was not strong enough to hold the Party together. Before long, various Party members broke ranks to form coalitions in tandem with their political convictions and attitude. One part of the break away groups became the bitterest opposition to government but the group forming NARC KENYA remained firmly supportive of government.

The latter group must have been driven by a need to keep the NARC dream alive. Coming from various regions of the Kenyan, they displayed a National outlook which was manifested by the use of the word ``Kenya” in the new Party name. This was further actuated by the use of the Slogan ONE KENYA, ONE NATION, ONE PEOPLE and adoption of the colours of the Kenyan flag.