To take power vide a democratic process.

To provide political leadership that makes Kenya a stable, prosperous, democratic and civilized modern nation within the framework of rule of law, encouraging pluralistic democracy, regional, ethnic and gender inclusiveness with emphasis on principles of good governance, transparency and accountability in the management of public affairs.
To build a nation based on the knowledge of God and therefore spiritual and moral values
To promote economic, socio, political, scientific, cultural, intellectual and spiritual development for all Kenyans
To foster the unity of all the people of Kenya and enhance /promote their cultural and other diversity
To protect the independence, security, sovereignty, and the vital interests of the people of Kenya
To pursue, protect and promote civil, political, economic, religious, socio-cultural rights and freedoms of the individual and groups as defined in the international, regional and national human rights instruments to which Kenya is a signatory.
To pursue and promote the separation of powers between the Legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary as stipulated in the Country’s constitution.
To enhance social justice and work at eliminating the existing imbalances across social groups and regions.
To promote the rights of persons with disability, minorities and marginalized groups.
To champion the equality of all persons and to fight against all forms of discrimination against children and women.
To promote devolution and decentralization of power and specifically strengthen county government and ensure equitable distribution of resources and efficient delivery of services to society and especially local communities
To promote African unity, sub-regional/regional co-operation /integration and work specifically towards the creation of the East African Federation
To support and promote world peace and the abolition of all forms of oppression, sectarianism, negative ethnicity, racism, chauvinism, sexism, social bigotry, nepotism, exploitation and discrimination
To pursue the provision and improvement of basic needs such as education, health, shelter, food, clothing and social security so as to raise the standard and quality of life of the people of Kenya
To support the programs of United Nations and other International organizations
To promote industrial, agricultural and service sector development as the basis of modernizing Kenya
To promote political awareness, participatory and people-centered development in partnership with local communities, civil society, the private sector and Kenyan Diaspora.