National Executive Committee (NEC)

NEC is an organ in the Party Structure. The members of the NEC are elected at the National Delegates Convention (NDC).
The powers and duties of NEC includes the following
a. Formulate Policy for Consideration by NGC and ultimately NDC
b. Supervise the day to day conduct of the organization's activities
c. Appoint organizational functionaries from amongst members of the Party.
d. Propagate Party Policy
e. Implement the policies and decisions of NDC and NGC
f.  Prescribe rules and regulations for the functioning and operation of organs of the Party.
g. Supervise the administrative machinery of the Party at all levels.
h. To receive, consider and approve and implement reports and recommendations from the various  
commissions and committees or individuals.
i. To initiate, prepare or cause to be prepared the necessary quarterly, semi-annual financial budgets for approval by NGC
j. To assist the National Elections Board in the conduct of Party elections.
k. To appoint Party representatives to other organizations which the Party relates to.
l. To undertake any other necessary Party function which is not specifically ascribed to any other Party organ provide that the NDC and NGC may subsequently vary the decision of the NEC on such matter.
M. Perform any other function that may be assigned to it by NGC or the NDC
N. Monitor and evaluate implementations of the programs and performance of Narc Kenya.
O. Determine the terms and conditions of service of officers of Narc Kenya and other employees.
P. May create and appoint a Management Committee or establish such other committees or Commissions as it may deem fit.
Q. May establish Party branches outside Kenya as it may deem fit.
R. May establish organs in Kenya and abroad
S. May invite observers to the NDC provided the number do not exceed 100 delegates.
T. Determin the position for full time employment within the organs of Narc Kenya.