Mr. Franco Esposito - Secretary, International Affairs

Mr. Franco Esposito is the Secretary, International Affairs of Narc Kenya and is the Narc Kenya Branch Chairman of Magarini Constituency.

Franco Esposito participated in the May 2007 by-election of M<agarini Constituency but he was forced to step down by the President Of Kenya in favour of Hon. Harrison Garama Kombe who was the sitting MP.

Mr Esposito again contested for the Magarini seat in the 2007 General Elections. He won the Elections but the current sitting MP for Magarini Hon. Amason Jeffa Kingi was announced the Winner. At present, the Election petition is in the Court of Appeal with the hope that  the Court of Appeal will revert the ruling of the Malindi High Court and go for the count of votes casted in the ballot boxes.

Mr. Esposito first came to Kenya in 1966 as an Engineer attached to San Marco Project which is a Space Co-operation Programme between the Government of Italy (University of Rome, La Sapienza), the Government of Kenya (D.O.D) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (N.A.S.A) of U.S.A.

During this period he has served in various positions:

1. Head of San Marco Platform

2. Ground Safety Officer

3. Mechanical Ground Support Equipment Officer -Scout Vehicle ( Launch Rocket).

4. San Marco Range Manager

5. Range Safety Chairman

6. Operation Director during the 1988 Launch in Orbit of San Marco D/L Satellite.

7. Appointed Member of Inter-Ministrerial Steering Committee on San Marco Malindi Station - G.O.K (D.O.D) and G.O.I ( University of Rome-La Sapienza).

8. San Marco Project Range Director

He resigned in December 2002 to dedicate himself to his Hotel business and other enterprises.

Mr. Esposito became a Citizen of Kenya in 2003 and in 2006 he was called by the Magarini Constituency residents to stand for Parliamentary seat in order to bring change and Development into the area.